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8 Recipes for 'Desserts'

Some of the best-known Italian food recipes, like tiramisu and other sweet treats.

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  • Poached Peaches

    An unusual fruity treat you can serve as a deliciously different dessert.

  • Orange Crema Catalana with Saffron

    A special, delicately spiced variation on a classic pudding.

  • Rich Almond Cake

    Although it seems quite plain, this easy almond cake is rich, dense, and surprisingly moreish.

  • Spiced Orange Biscuits

    These little goodies have a spicy sweetness that’s topped off with a dark chocolate coating.

  • Tiramisu

    A classic tipsy Italian dessert that’s all the better for being homemade.

  • Fig & Walnut Biscotti

    These sophisticated crunchy biscuits are a traditional Italian treat. Perfect for your cheeseboard!

  • Strawberry Risotto

    An unusual sweet-meets-savoury recipe that’s great for entertaining.

  • Red Berry Cheesecake

    Crushed Amaretti biscuits are the secret of this fragrant, slightly boozy dessert that’s designed for adults.