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61 Recipes for 'Quick & Easy Meals'

Cooking tasty Italian food can be done in minutes. We’ve collected our favourite quick and easy meal recipes that are just perfect when you need to get dinner on the table pronto!

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  • Elizabeth’s Seafood Linguine

    A perfect combination of shellfish, saffron and cream -wherever you are, this seafood linguine recipe by Elizabeth will transport you to a sunny Ligurian coastline.

  • Lasagne

    This famous Italian Lasagne recipe may take a little time to prepare and cook, but it’s most definitely worth the wait. It’s a treat that’s sure to please everyone.

  • Salmon and Pasta

    Looking for a quick and delicious pasta recipe? This pasta dish with fresh (or smoked) salmon is bursting with flavour, and only takes 25-minutes to prepare.

  • Spaghetti Bolognese

    A British favourite, this Spaghetti Bolognese recipe with secret ingredients is the perfect midweek meal, as its super easy and super delicious.

  • Vegetarian Pizzas

    Soft sautéed courgettes make a delectable pizza topping: it’s something a little different.

  • Provencal Bean Bake

    This delicious vegetarian recipe is tasty, warming… and surprisingly quick to cook.

  • Baked Tomatoes

    A tasty tomato dish that make a delicious lunch or starter.

  • Salmon in Cartoccio

    Baking salmon steaks in paper means that they steam in their own juices, staying moist and tender.

  • Rich Beef Stifado with Herby Dumplings

    A hearty, full-flavoured Mediterranean beef stew full of herbs and spices.

  • Garlic Bread

    Bertolli spread with crushed garlic and herbs makes for the perfect garlic bread.